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My name is Stan, and I’ve been working in insurance for over 10+ years. Health, car, life, house and anything else you can name. I’ve done it all. If you’re looking for insurance I’m sure there’s a few ways I can help you save money, and get the best coverage possible!

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Married. 2 kids. Scuba addict. Easy guy to get along with. I’m looking for a golfing partner. Any takers?

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Used or New Car? It’s a No Brainer for Me

Buying a used car

When I was a kid, my parents were staunchly against buying used cars. They’re reasoning was this: why should we buy a car that someone else didn’t want? Which makes sense on the surface, i guess, but not everyone drives their car until it’s pushing 200,000 miles and is ready to distingrate.

When I got older and the hand-me-down pick up I’d gotten from my dad finally kicked the bucket, I knew I wanted to look into used cars. I didn’t really use my car all that much, only to commute to and from work and that was only about an hour total every day. And to be honest, I rode my bike to work a lot in the summer. Anyway, I didn’t see any reason to take on a big car payment for the next 4 or 5 years for a car that was going to sit in my garage a lot of the time. Plus, there was an older model that I really, really wanted.

Luckily, the car I’d been thinking about was one of the most popular models a few years back so there were a lot to pick from. I really couldn’t ask for more really. It was a buyer’s market because it’s a solid car that will last a few more years plus there were about 10 to pick from in the used cars Mississauga inventory alone.

I did some shopping around and got a good deal because I had 2 different salesmen making competing offers. I ended up choosing the one that gave me the best warranty even though I paid a little more for it. I figured I was a good trade off just in case something happened down the line.

Here’s the best part. When I took the car to my parents’ house to show them, they didn’t even realize it was a used car until I told them. They were impressed, to say the least, especially when I told them that I was able to have my mechanic check it out before I signed any papers.

When I took them out for a drive, I saw my dad trying to find something wrong with the interior. He was very obviously looking for stains or burns or bad smells. He didn’t find any. I really did get a good deal and a great car.

Buying Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

After buying the car I needed to find some good insurance. Lucky for me I had lots of friends recommend getting no deposit car insurance. It’s coverage is pretty solid; it also requires no down payment which is perfect for me. I found some very cheap car insurance no deposit here:

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance? With Full Coverage in the Area

How I found who has the cheapest auto insurance

There’s something to be said for a small business that knows how to treat a customer. You don’t get that much these days. Or, maybe you do, but that’s definitely not the stereotype that gets passed around. Especially when it comes to insurance agents.

The first place I went looked like it was from a movie. Let me explain. The office was on a small main street in my neighborhood. It was quaint. There wasn’t even a receptionist, the agent answered the phone himself and he only had one other employee. So when he sat me down to run through the numbers, I was skeptical. The quote he gave me was the cheapest full coverage auto insurance that I could have imagined. I didn’t believe it.

I don’t mean I was in disbelief, I mean I flat out walked out of there laughing because I thought it was a joke. There had to be a catch. I mean, there had to be. So I kept shopping around.

I ended up talking to five different agencies in all. No one came even close to the quote that the first agent gave me. I got more and more discouraged after each one because I was afraid I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for.

On my way home from the fifth insurance company, I drove past that small on the quaint main street again. It was about 7 pm and the guy was still there, sitting at his desk next to the big window, intently working on his computer. That’s when it hit me that I was being ridiculous. Here I was, disheartened because no one was willing to give me what I wanted. Yet, right there at his desk working well past normal business hours was a guy who offered it to me right off the bat.

I stopped the car right then and there to find a parking spot. When I got to the door, the lights were off and I thought I’d missed him. I tried the door anyway and was surprised when it opened. The agent was putting on his jacket and getting ready to head home but he greeted me with a big smile. I told him I’d come back the next day but he insisted that I stay. I signed the policy that night and now I have the cheapest full coverage auto insurance in the neighborhood. I got lucky, but after talking with some friends they said they were able to find good deals online, like at: But I think if you truly want to see who has the cheapest auto insurance you need to compare with agents. Buying online is much easier though, thats for sure!

P.S this was written by my client, I’m the agent in this story 🙂

How I Got Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

How I Got Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

This is a post by a client of mine, in which I got him cheap car insurance no deposit

I know, right? It’s almost unbelievable to think that you can find something like this these days, but I did it. I found very cheap car insurance no deposit needed. Here’s how I did it:

I hired an insurance agent.

I mean, that’s it. He just kept looking. There isn’t a trick or secret password or anything. I know you were probably hoping that I had some magic formula or something but I don’t. I just knew what I needed and kept looking until I found it ( well my agent did).

Heres how I did it (Stan’s part)

Finding very cheap car insurance with no deposit

Okay, it wasn’t that easy. It took a while, mostly because I didn’t know where to begin. So, the first thing I would suggest is ask around. Post on message boards and local forums, even ask for recommendations on social media. Get as much input as you can from people who can relate to what you’re going through.

And here’s something to think about. Ask for what you want. I know we all think that insurance companies are faceless companies that just want to take our money, but that’s not true. In my search, I didn’t try to hide my financial situation. I figured there was no point in doing that because they were going to find out everything anyway when they looked into my credit history. So, I was just honest. That doesn’t mean that they first person I poured my heart out to just gave me the cheap car insurance with no deposit that I was looking for. I had to call around a bit. But even the people who turned me down were nice. No one laughed at me, no one was mean.

Eventually, I called the right company and talked to someone who really understood what I was going through.( I found the company here by the way: The agent was willing to help me and we worked out a policy that had everything I needed, nothing I didn’t, and didn’t require a deposit. And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling. Not just because I felt like I finally got what I was looking for, but also because I really felt like I had someone on my side. That’s super cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Like, I won’t mind doing business with this agent for other things in the future.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is keep trying and just be honest. Even if people can’t help you, most of them are willing to listen. And that’s how I found cheap auto insurance! Simple right?