Used or New Car? It’s a No Brainer for Me

Buying a used car

When I was a kid, my parents were staunchly against buying used cars. They’re reasoning was this: why should we buy a car that someone else didn’t want? Which makes sense on the surface, i guess, but not everyone drives their car until it’s pushing 200,000 miles and is ready to distingrate.

When I got older and the hand-me-down pick up I’d gotten from my dad finally kicked the bucket, I knew I wanted to look into used cars. I didn’t really use my car all that much, only to commute to and from work and that was only about an hour total every day. And to be honest, I rode my bike to work a lot in the summer. Anyway, I didn’t see any reason to take on a big car payment for the next 4 or 5 years for a car that was going to sit in my garage a lot of the time. Plus, there was an older model that I really, really wanted.

Luckily, the car I’d been thinking about was one of the most popular models a few years back so there were a lot to pick from. I really couldn’t ask for more really. It was a buyer’s market because it’s a solid car that will last a few more years plus there were about 10 to pick from in the used cars Mississauga inventory alone.

I did some shopping around and got a good deal because I had 2 different salesmen making competing offers. I ended up choosing the one that gave me the best warranty even though I paid a little more for it. I figured I was a good trade off just in case something happened down the line.

Here’s the best part. When I took the car to my parents’ house to show them, they didn’t even realize it was a used car until I told them. They were impressed, to say the least, especially when I told them that I was able to have my mechanic check it out before I signed any papers.

When I took them out for a drive, I saw my dad trying to find something wrong with the interior. He was very obviously looking for stains or burns or bad smells. He didn’t find any. I really did get a good deal and a great car.

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